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Sue in Illinois

     When I have questions about HOW a feed or supplement will help, I get a very knowledgeable answer and can make an informed decision about what to feed and how much to feed more easily. This is an added value to me.


Jan in Illinois

     Great place. Knowledgeable staff. Quality feed. I get all my horse, bird feed, cat food and litter. All great, healthy products.


Linda in Wisconsin

     I have used NuZu for three years for my goats. The growth and health of my kids has been fantastic. I have had far fewer kidding problems and beautiful body finish on the does. Working with a smaller company is also a plus. If you are having problems you can get to the source. I highly recommend this feed.


Troy in Texas

     We have used NuZu Alpaca Feed, by Anderson Feed, for the past three years. We tried the major national brands, and special blends made by other alpaca owners, and even used a local mill to make feed based on a much more experienced alpaca owners recipe, but our best results, by far have been from the NuZu feed. Our herds body scores have been great, and the fleece fineness and character has been exceptional. Our breeding program is based on choices that we hope will produce a fine, consistent fleece with density and character. While good feed alone does not make fleeces finer, it certainly seems to allow the genetic character to develop.


Trisha in Wisconsin

     We have had very responsive customer service from Anderson Feed, and our NuZu Feed orders have been milled quickly and shipped usually within the week. Mary and I are happy to recommend NuZu Alpaca Feed from Anderson Feed.


Laura in Illinois

     I learned about Stabul 1 when my two horses became insulin resistant in 2011. They love it and I'm glad to have a safe, low sugar/starch, well balanced feed for them. Randy is so helpful and it's fun to discuss nutrition with him. He's really done his homework. Very high quality, and the ingredients stay the same, so you know it's the same safe formula every time. Thanks for a great, safe feed for my IR boys.


Nancy in New Hampshire

     I have been using Nuzu Stabul 1 for my IR/PPID equine for well over a year now. No added iron and low sugar and starch is really important. The copper and zinc ratios are also important to me. My horses love the product. I have developed a faith in the company to use the best ingredients with excellent mineral balancing.


Zana in California

     I have a 28 yo IR/PPID. I've been straggling to find low carb/sugar below 10% and no added iron feed for him. About 2 years ago I learned about Stabul1 through Dr. Kellon's IP/PPID Yahoo group. I contacted Randy at Anderson Feed. He was very nice and helpful in getting Stabul1 to Bay area, CA. With his help and Sam's Downtown Feed store I am happy to say my horse is healthy and loving his feed. Thank you Randy. Mardi Gras loves you...


Vicky in Illinois

     NuZu Stabul 1 is a must feed for mules. Mules are just about born with IR. We can't work them as hard as they need to be with our work-a-day lives. And they love this stuff. And, Anderson Feed Company is very easy to work with. Randy will bend over backwards to help you get what you need. Very nice guy.


Wendy in Illinois

     We have been using NuZu Feed/Anderson Feed Company for many years now. They have proven to be very reliable and trust worthy. The staff listens to our needs and concerns and will bend over backward to help us get what we need. They are also very caring and show genuine concern for our animals and any issues they may be dealing with. I highly recommend NuZu to anyone that is looking for an honest, hard working company to work with you and supply you with quality feeds and supplies.


Carla in Wisconsin

     Hello, I just wanted to let you know that I have had my pony on Stabul 1 feed, at 2.5 lbs/day. Her insulin and glucose were tested and sent to Cornell, and came back within normal range! I am truly appreciative to have a safe feed for my IR/Cushing pony!