Supplying animal feeds to zoos and institutions across the nation
Randy Anderson, is the owner and operator of Anderson Feed Company. With the help of his family, Randy sells NuZu Feeds to zoos and institutions across the nation.

Randy started his 24 year career with one of the leading animal feed manufactures in the United States. While there, Randy served as a Production and Sales Coordinator for 7 years and as a Quality Control Supervisor for 4 years. In these capacities, Randy worked with 65 dealers across the nation.

He also answered questions for the dealers, kept track of inventory and budgeted for products his company purchased. In his position with quality control, he primarily sampled and tested incoming ingredients for quality assurance and checked finished products for pellet quality, yields, and cross contamination. He also took care of all FDA documentation and worked with State and Federal inspectors.

Over time, Randy felt the urge to open his own company, offering him freedom to pursue the life he wanted to build. He opened up Anderson Feed Company and currently employ his wife and three children as well.

Anderson Feed Company started out slowly, by supplying a handful of products to the local zoos. Before long, the business grew as they consistently offered reliable, healthy products to their customers. Randy believes his strong background in feed manufacturing and zoological feeds helps him know what zoos need to be successful.

Randy continues to provide personal care to the zoos he serves. He travels each year visiting zoos in order to conduct on site research in order to assess how their feed is working.

"My experience is putting ingredients together and making a product that meets the proper nutrition, is palatable to the animals, and fits their eating habits. I also bring to the table resources from the research that has been done for the last 40 years in domestic livestock and the current research that is being performed with exotics. Our company works with nutritionist all across the country which allows us to gather many different perspectives. We use that input to determine the direction that we might take."

Our strong background in feed manufacturing and zoological feeds helps us know what zoos need to be successful.